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    All Star Leaders

    A Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Rich Ensmenger1332926
    Brian Rudel1086626
    Gary De Boer981726
    Jeff Ludwig977226
    George Timpone954726
    James Morgan780326
    John LaGamba756426
    Joe Signa685126
    Pat Potter662326
    Tom Ross661826

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    John Menichella958926
    Paul Descalzi708525
    Kyle Waddell669526
    Kevin Higgins652526
    Tony Giovinazzo632125
    Dejan Kocev 609926
    Andrew Kost541426
    Niko Panov529526
    Igor Nikoloski509826
    James Brown499722

    B Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Butch Almodar948226
    John Zottarelli739526
    Dave Garfinkel713826
    George Roseman646526
    Rob Capone605826
    Tommy Eisele601126
    Keith Prandstatter542626
    Tom Lynaugh532026
    Mike Cervantes432426
    Joe Gualdarrama415926

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Matt Bolger Jr559026
    Jason Mordhorst558426
    Danny Kelly517126
    Vinny Altomare455726
    Adam English418326
    Rob Snuffer393226
    Kevin Garcia362026
    Ryan Louglin315321
    Tim Brand308826
    Keith Todd274826

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Eddie Bender604826
    Mike Randle531826
    Ed McClary506626
    Mo Khalil502926
    Frank Mudry438326
    Pete Stopherd388826
    John Fields388126
    Ian Stopherd355126
    Chris Lynch344126
    Nicole Kuzmuk328726

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Gerry Murphy739226
    Kurt Dewitt673426
    Mike Harrison665426
    Tom Kleiber634526
    Pat Mangan572426
    Rich Karamian571526
    John Kerr501626
    Tommy Graham416626
    Simun Winbury388426
    Scott Mupo375126

    C Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Will Delgrande461926
    Charlie Lackner452326
    Frank ( only played 26 weeks ) Cardia449426
    Ralph West439526
    Frank Jablonski427226
    Matt Pidi422726
    Travis Henion410026
    Karl Briddon404426
    Henry Munoz 394526
    Edwin Rosales382426

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Brian Miller480426
    Svein Michelson464926
    Steve Waxman423626
    Mike Bonanno419426
    John Kikkert389526
    Adam Schmidt335926
    Ken Sato308726
    Jared Deutsch304526
    Vinny Pizzute295325
    Raegen Rossner294926

    D Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Charlie Dorsch475426
    Chris O'Neill391526
    Pat Hold294826
    Mark Husseini260126
    Pat Tirri244426
    Matt Fau242826
    Ron Leonard241926
    Josh Corpina239526
    Melissa Shea171326
    Greg Burns163026

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Rob Auriemma398326
    Joe Gualdarama Sr359626
    Yuka Bal328126
    Frank Pinto315526
    Mike Holloway 289126
    Brian Masincup253026
    Kenny Demchak225526
    Mike Lavigne190026
    Joe Ford185126
    TJ Iapicco182025

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Pete Grimm462426
    Tom Harney352226
    Anthony DeSpirito313326
    Tom Trubac281826
    Rich Krupinski255226
    Paul Bounassi215726
    Darin Grajdura200426
    Jeff Lomauro195426
    Evan Curtiss190026
    Mary Gidney174126

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Kevin Sheridan428326
    Tom Messina415226
    Kamil Flisinski313325
    Bob Feigle293726
    Paul Tecza264625
    Rich Canton226726
    Jorge Fraile211326
    Ed Becker196826
    Kevin Mount189426
    Joey Leddy156726

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