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    All Star Leaders

    A Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Rich Ensmenger982819
    Jeff Ludwig821819
    Brian Rudel812719
    George Timpone792519
    Gary De Boer734219
    James Valesio612619
    James Morgan550019
    John LaGamba531718
    Joe Preziosi505721
    Tom Ross505421

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    John Menichella690219
    Kevin Higgins498619
    Paul Descalzi478318
    Kyle Waddell463319
    Dejan Kocev 441119
    Adel Abouzid427019
    Niko Panov408119
    Igor Nikoloski399319
    James Brown394118
    Tony Giovinazzo381718

    B Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Butch Almodar793620
    John Zottarelli590820
    Dave Garfinkel491420
    George Roseman458618
    Tommy Eisele429217
    Tom Lynaugh428019
    Rob Capone415818
    Keith Prandstatter397418
    Joe Gualdarrama318920
    Mike Cervantes313219

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Matt Bolger Jr422419
    Jason Mordhorst382217
    Danny Kelly375119
    Vinny Altomare335718
    Adam English327017
    Rob Snuffer311119
    Kevin Garcia290518
    Tim Brand212517
    Ryan Louglin210114
    Chris Mauthe204818

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Ed McClary417620
    Frank Mudry402219
    Mike Randle393120
    Eddie Bender362618
    John Fields340819
    Mo Khalil320719
    Ian Stopherd302920
    Jose Dominguez294619
    John Van Sickle279919
    Pat Condon269519

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Tom Kleiber496420
    Mike Harrison491819
    Kurt Dewitt483520
    Pat Mangan459619
    Rich Karamian448220
    Gerry Murphy430117
    John Kerr396920
    Simun Winbury323021
    Pat O'Leary311319
    Tommy Graham292617

    C Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Charlie Lackner409719
    Travis Henion355520
    Matt Pidi325820
    Chris Cioffi315620
    Henry Munoz 302820
    Frank Cardia298919
    Karl Briddon292620
    Edwin Rosales289819
    Brian Fitzsimmons277220
    Will Delgrande276819

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Brian Miller411120
    John Kikkert351220
    Steve Waxman333620
    Ken Sato318720
    Mike Bonanno308520
    Svein Michelson285619
    Jared Deutsch262520
    Adam Schmidt224718
    Kieran Joyce223320
    Jovan "Chilly" Limbevski215720

    D Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Charlie Dorsch388219
    Chris O'Neill300619
    Josh Corpina208119
    Mark Husseini176119
    Pat Hold163819
    Matt Fau159519
    Pat Tirri141419
    Ron Leonard132019
    Greg Burns127019
    Terry Ryan125619

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Rob Auriemma308619
    Joe Gualdarama Sr293818
    Yuka Bal208118
    Frank Pinto178419
    Mike Holloway 175118
    Kenny Demchak160819
    TJ Iapicco146617
    Jack Morgan137519
    Ryan Gagnon134218
    Brian Masincup128419

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Pete Grimm322320
    Tom Harney258220
    Tom Trubac240620
    Anthony DeSpirito194517
    Jeff Lomauro175719
    Paul Bounassi171220
    Rich Krupinski163319
    Ed Fernez143620
    Evan Curtiss134620
    Mary Gidney124120

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Tom Messina304619
    Kevin Sheridan244118
    Bob Feigle219818
    Paul Tecza192018
    Kamil Flisinski182018
    Jorge Fraile159118
    Rich Canton136718
    Ed Becker134119
    Mike Macari131218
    Kevin Mount119119

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