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    All Star Leaders

    A Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Rich Ensmenger1366127
    Chris Thomas 1070927
    Todd Bumgarner935627
    Brian Rudel904527
    Mark Gronbeck874727
    James Morgan863827
    Jeff Ludwig714327
    Tom Lynaugh708927
    Kevin Regan680927
    Tom Ross674727

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    James Ostag736127
    Nick Brescia717827
    Rob Capone713027
    George Roseman675427
    Jim Trent653127
    Chris Dyer 642127
    Andrew Gansley597927
    Frank Jablonski563827
    Brian Crawford525527
    Dan Buczynski492127

    B Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    James Brown708027
    Kevin Reynolds 637427
    Brendan Durkan596527
    Chris Dixon588027
    Brady Marinho583227
    Chris Sayers538327
    Manny Campos531527
    Richie Corless485027
    Alex Spilotras428327
    Alex Gorant411727

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Ryan Trombitas803227
    JP Kardell 694927
    Tom Connors490827
    Chris Pelle449027
    Mike Cervantes 428527
    Mike Giunta417127
    Kevin McNamara373327
    Rich Canton 347527
    Hutch Delarosa321827
    Keith Conway316527

    C Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Johnny Younger584827
    Chris Cioffi582327
    Jason Chiafulio545627
    Matt Bolger488427
    Brian Cioffi426727
    Jorge Fraile420027
    Warren Demmin408027
    Kyle Beam402227
    Kyle Richmond389827
    Richie Music363927

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Mike Oakes397527
    Jason Wasek397227
    Mike Halloway 396327
    Michael Dempsey381027
    Keith Platvoet370927
    Kevin Dempsey329327
    Clyde Alford319827
    Brian Wey308927
    Sebastian Bedoya308827
    Bob Baginski281527

    D Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Charlie Lackner416027
    Edwin Rosales308227
    Troy Piegaro303427
    Matt Farley299027
    Pete Grimm287327
    Jeff Smith264127
    Putney Smith239027
    Jon Kennedy237727
    Leslie Morales214927
    Scott Elsasser 196827

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Chris O'Neill656527
    Jake Rollins375327
    Dan Murphy360927
    Craig Von Der Osten331627
    Val Huston 327427
    Juan Gomez301827
    Matt Huston270827
    Mike Giaquinto232527
    Charlie Dorsch225827
    Kenny Demchak218127


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