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    Win Point Leaders

    A Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Matt Gerbasio367
    Rich Ensmenger287
    Brian Rudel277
    Mike Harrison277
    Corey Jewett267
    Gary De Boer257
    Tom Lynaugh257
    Jeff Ludwig247
    Kyle Goltsch247
    Tom Ross247

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    John Campbell286
    Ralph West287
    Erick Golomb237
    Tommy Pettis226
    Trevor Marcotte217
    Brian Crawford207
    Rich Karamian207
    Ryan Dumont207
    Pat Condon197
    John Kerr177

    B Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Rob Capone418
    Steve Oettinger388
    Chris Dixon378
    James Brown378
    Jim Trent358
    Matt Burns358
    George Roseman348
    Tommy Graham348
    Tom Kleiber338
    Gerry Murphy308

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Danny Kelly339
    Shaun Murphy Jr327
    Bryan Geronimo287
    Jason Chiafulio248
    Alex Spilotras237
    Chris Burke238
    David Edone237
    Jared Deutsch228
    Brian Miller208
    Pat Mangan207

    C Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Matt Bolger358
    Jack Donnelly318
    Ken Sato318
    Kevin Reynolds 318
    Keith Platvoet308
    Marco Hynes308
    John Kikkert298
    Al Buda288
    Chris Sayers278
    Dave Herford258

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Brian Cioffi398
    Chris Cioffi358
    Marlon Warren318
    Johnny Younger308
    Jorge Fraile298
    Warren Demmin298
    John Salpepe278
    Johnny La Gamba Jr268
    Mat McCabe258
    Anthony Di Liberto248

    D Conference

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Jon Kennedy398
    Terry Ryan358
    Keith Hopkins318
    Paul Bounassi318
    Troy Piegaro308
    Brian Masincup298
    Ken Corrado 298
    Hank VanWageningen288
    Mike Oakes288
    Tom Trubac288

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Charlie Lackner388
    Chris O'Neill378
    Raj Lalwani368
    Danny Grimm328
    Jim Best318
    Pete Grimm308
    Melissa Shea288
    Joe Polne 278
    Matt Zimmerman278
    Mike Smith268

    NamePoints Weeks Played
    Donald Wuertz378
    Ty Reilly338
    Amanda Occhipinti288
    Debi Benitez278
    Steve Currlin278
    Steve Reilly237
    Matt Farley228
    Nick Farley198
    Bo Bakir178
    Moses Owen178


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